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SUPER HARD P.S. I don't know where it is.


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Dmitry 17 days ago

I know that site. But how to find it on the Map???

ToddlD 17 days ago

Seems to be:

The mausoleum of Muslim Qutayba, 28 km away from Andijan, Uzbekistan

Exact location unknown to me.

Text of the website:

Address: Andijan region
Direction: places of worship , religious objects
Added: Ashurov spring muminova

Dzhalakudukskogo team is located. 28 km away from the city of Andijan. 715 in the newly elected successors Solomon refused to submit to Arab rebels killed by army generals spitefully Qutayba ibn Muslim burial. His grave, cemetery historian Narshahi "Mozorbuva" with the name of the language.

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