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Location #7226

Daniele 3 days ago

Sydney, Australia: Sussex Street.
The sign on the wall is on a building in Kent Street.

Kent st. view:
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The staircase connects the two streets.
The photo was taken in 2011 or earlier; today there is no more trace of furniture, I guess.

Location #6702

Daniele 4 days ago

This photo is retouched: the mountain in the background (Croda del Becco, 2870 m) actually has a nearly flat top.

Location #7225

Daniele 4 days ago

New upload record for this photo (8 times?)
New Zealand: Archway Islands, Wharariki beach.
Look at #6870

Location #7219

Daniele 6 days ago

Ethiopia, Afar region, Dallol.

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Location #7218

Daniele 6 days ago

Photoshop for a project.
The cliff should be in Australia (Victoria).

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