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Location #7813

dagger66 22 hours ago

I believe this is on the High Alpine Road after Fusch, Austria and looking at the Grossglockner Alp. This photo of the Grossglockner Hillclimb mountain outline back in the 1930's seems to match up with the mystery photo. external link

Location #7758

dagger66 6 days ago

To add more specificity to my first comment below, the coordinates are 48°25'44.0"N+4°28'49.0"E and the planes are at the end of the one closed runway. Close ups of the planes can be found thru this site. external link

Location #7087

dagger66 8 days ago

Definitely Wahclella Falls, Oregon. Shoud be a LOCATED item.

Location #7709

dagger66 9 days ago

To add more specificity to my comment below, I believe this is Route E66, commonly referred to as the Dubai to Al-Ain Road.

Location #7709

dagger66 9 days ago

Desert road heading directly to the city of Dubai, UAE.