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Marco 21 hours ago

C'est marrant les critiques de ceux qui suivent ce site pour trouver ce qu'il ont pas et râlent quand on diffuse ce qu'ils ont

L'insociable 9 days ago

Cherchez bande de merde. Vous l'aurez jamais celle-ci

Anonymous 12 days ago

At least it's a quite interesting church. There are only few churches with a model of the lourdes grotto (see external link ). There are many models of the Lourdes grotto, but only few inside a church or chapel.

The first sculpture at the right may be Saint Bernadette, and i suppose the left of the two black/white portraits show her, too (the one at the right may be Jean-Marie Vianney, the "Curé d'Ars"). The sculpture at the right of the lourdes grotto may show Anthony of Padua. Maybe those details help identifying that place.

Anonymous 13 days ago

KB19 I think Anonymous means that the picture is his

KB19 13 days ago

it is a church so don't see the problem

Anonymous 14 days ago

Enlève ça abruti