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Chateau miracle - France


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InProfondis 1 day ago

Gendarmerie et Mairie contactée.
A bon entendeur

jojo le trembleur 6 days ago

Chateau de la Bergerie
Dompierre sur Besbre
46°32'9.73"N 3°41'44.15"E

ano 2 8 days ago

this is correct, the round towers are at the back, sqaure in front. on mpas you can see the same shape, even the 2small blocks near the tower are clearly visibile so anymous is right

Raf 8 days ago

I do believe you are right, dagger... From what I could make out on streetview from a distance, I only saw round towers on either side and not the square ones... Apparently that is the other side...

dagger66 8 days ago

Raf, I believe anonymous may be correct. A matching photo is in this gallery. However, I don't see a pin on the map, just the lat/ong.
external link

Raf 8 days ago

That doesn't even look remotely like the chateau in the picture...

Anonymous 8 days ago

chateau de la Bergerie
46°32'9.73"N 3°41'44.15"E