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Anonymous 9 months ago

Great job! The only thing is that it seems like it is southeast and not soutwest from Park Sheraton Hotel. The middle scyscraper is the Warwick Hotel at corner of 6th Avenue and E 54th street. The location of taking the photo could be about the corner of 5th Avenue and 51st street.

dagger66 9 months ago

New York City, New York USA. Tall building in lower left of image is the old Park Sheraton Hotel at 870 7th Avenue (between West 55th and West 56th Streets) in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Radio tower on the building can be seen in old images. New skyscrapers have blocked any view from the location of this photo. I have pinned the location of the old Park Sheraton Hotel along with the coordinates which is now the Park Central Hotel. This vintage photo looks like it was taken probably a little southwest of the Park Sheraton Hotel back in the day.
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Coordinates of Park Central Hotel
40° 45′ 53″ N, 73° 58′ 52″ W