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A festive announcement by the team.


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Krenek 4 months ago

thanks for your job and for that interesting + ludic website ...even if, most of the time, reverse image engines make it easy

BUT, i don't understand at all why some images suddenly disappear!?!? i read rule "5. Why did you delete my picture?" and, too often, i don't get those disappearances... sigh!...

dagger66 4 months ago

Happy Holidays to all the admin professionals and all my fellow mystery solvers. Looking forward to 2020 and working on cleaning up many of the Not Located places in my spare time.

unimaru_ 4 months ago

I'm always grateful for all the admins' constant support. I wish this community the best for 2020!

Michael. 4 months ago

CuriousJM 4 months ago

Wishing Admins and all the participant a very Happy 2020. Hoping to get many more search queries in the coming year .

Matthias 4 months ago

Thanks for all your efforts (especially with the urbex-candidates recently...) and for keeping this great site alive.
I wish you a merry holiday season and a happy 2020!