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Daniele 2 months ago

The woods stop a few hundred meters high; I think we are many parallels further north.
I can't confirm the position given by dagger66, but if it's America, I think it's north of Juneau.

Anonymous 2 months ago

These are the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, USA. The body of water is likely the Puget Sound, but it could be anywhere in the Salish Sea.

dagger66 2 months ago

Thank You for double checking. I appreciate your effort. Regards.

Daniele 2 months ago

I see a possibility a few km (5) to NNW; the rocky coast in the foreground on the left may correspond to the promontory on the map. In this case also the relief of the map seems compatible with the photo.

dagger66 2 months ago

Sorry Daniele but I have the correct location. You just need to look at Zaliv Rechnoy then us the 3D roatation to look acrods the bay and it is a perfect match. Takes some work. Not Alaska. I have the correct location. Takes some detailed terrain matching.

Daniele 3 months ago

It seems unlikely to me: I took a quick look at the relief of the area and the mountains in sight seem much higher than those of the Zaliv Rechnoy coast and the Siberian coast in the Magadan area and most of Kamchatka. I also think of Alaska, but if this is so for now I don't have the time for a thorough research.

dagger66 3 months ago

Zaliv Rechnoy Bay, Magadanskaya Oblast, Russia. Nearest large city is Magadan which is where the photographer is from. Zaliv Rechnoy is along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk.
Approx Coord 59°21'17.6"N 151°44'10.9"E
Only view is using Google 3D image aspect from Zaliv Rechnoy towards the Skalistaya Peak area.
Only way I could show the 3D aspect is copy the view and put it on a friend's Pinterest.
external link

popó 3 months ago