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where is this? what's the architect studio? thanks


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Anonymous 98 months ago

Twins by William O’Brien Jr. is a project located in upstate New York that commenced in 2009 and was completed in 2011. It consists two vacation houses on one plot of land constructed in five parts. Truly impressive. external link Twins: Houses in Five Parts by William O’Brien Jr.

Der König 98 months ago

Sieht aus wie eine 'plusvilla' von Polarlifehouse und steht auf einem zugefrorenen See in Finnland.

Bobert 99 months ago

This was *a computer-graphics architectural visualization* of the William O'Brien project proposed for somewhere in upstate New York done by Peter Guthrie. external link

Anonymous 99 months ago

This is part of William O'Brien's project "Houses in Five Parts", I believe. It is in New York. The first Anonymous poster has a link to prove it.

Anonymous 99 months ago

plus it seems to be just a concept and not built yet.

Anonymous 99 months ago

This is in New York. It was designed by an architect named William O'Brien Jr. external link