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I actually wonder where all of these Stella Artois ads are filmed, but this is an example of one location in particular. It is from this ad:


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dagger66 15 months ago

The rope and balustrade shadow do not seem to match up.

Markus 98 months ago

Could also be somewhere close to Simon's Town, Cape Town, South Africa

Anonymous 101 months ago

Some information about the shoot locations external link

tvi 101 months ago

Interestingly the balustrade matches the one from the beach in Piriapolis external link external link - but the hill, as mentioned below, obviously does not match

Anonymous 101 months ago

That does seem to be correct!! How did you know?

Anonymous 101 months ago

there is no railway in Piriapolis and the hills don't match !? (computer animated?)

Anonymous 101 months ago

Piriápolis, Uruguay made uop to look like the Cote D'Azur in France