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it should be somewhere in Italy (maybe Tuscany)


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fs90473 12 months ago

I assume it's somewhere in San Gusmè, a little village about 15 km east of Siena. The pic is on of four pics by photographer John Galbo:
- "Vicolo Giovanni" ( external link ),
- "Estate Toscana" ( external link ),
- "1647" ( external link )
- and "San Gusume" ( external link ),
all taken at the same place, showing it from different angles.

AFAIK there's no such place as "San Gusume", but "San Gusmé", and in San Gusmè there's a Vicolo Giovanni del Fu Ciatone.

Sadly, i didn't find any other image of that place, so identification is quite speculative...

Babe 68 months ago

Like Anonymous said it is in Tuscany.
external link

Anonymous 68 months ago

there are thousands of local sceneries like this one in Tuscany! Nearly impossible to find out where