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Serre south of France


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Anonymous 8 months ago

This is not the greenhouse of Chateau Rolls Royce (Chateau ter Borght in Westmeerbeek - 51.064057, 4.844048). This one is in France...

Nick4811 12 months ago

Anonymous who said this is at an abandoned chateau in Belgium, I think he is talking of Chateau Rolls Royce. I have been there and it's getting renovated now.

Anonymous 28 months ago

Perhaps in

Anonymous 33 months ago

Its a greenhouse of a chateau in belgium. Please don't reveal exact location to protect it from being trashed.

getmeouttahere 40 months ago

Other images of the same place call it la serre du chirurgien (the surgeon's greenhouse) in France. Haven't found more info, though