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Daniele 28 days ago

US Hawk's Nest Highway, New York.
If I'm not mistaken, they gave me the right of "first refusal", so I put the pin.

Michael. 1 month ago

Seems that Daniele is right. I could more or less reproduce the view with Google Maps.

Daniele 1 month ago

Therefore: this is Hawk's Nest Highway, New York.
So it seems 3 years later: see #11687.

Michael. 39 months ago

Indeed it seems to reflect the general spirit rather than a real existing image.

Anonymous 39 months ago

in the www this road is labeled as Kennon Road Baguio City, but it’s shure NOT Kennon Rd (compare with streetview!), for me the picture is photoshopped, the perspective of the curves of the road looks weird...

Anonymous 39 months ago

Baguio City, Philippines :)
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