New Zealand

Lake Quill


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Lake Quill

-44.81429354088672, 167.72209192480466

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CraftyNana 2 months ago

Good question, backpack or head of a Transformer? The photographer probably put it there on purpose just to raise speculation. Otherwise, why detract from such a beautiful image?

Anonymous 2 months ago

what is the red object on the bottom of the picture?

MaryCW 3 months ago

There are helicopter tours to this location so I suspect the back pack belongs to someone who went on such a tour? I think that after searching for other images of Lake Quill that this image here is the wrong one - ie it has been flipped horizontally.

MaryCW 3 months ago

This is the mirror image of my "dead end" lock screen image (ie the one that comes up and stays for ages without being replaced after I reach a certain number of "don't like"s). So I wonder which is the original image? The one here or the mirror image? Does anyone know?

Anonymous 16 months ago

Although it looks like a head of Optimus Prime to me, I believe you are right that it 's a backpack. Mystery solved. Thanks so much Marina!

Marina.dieterle 17 months ago

I think it's a backpack.

Anonymous 17 months ago

What is that red object at the bottom? My Windows 10 uses a similar picture as my screen lock and I ask myself every time when I see it. Anyone? Thanks

Daniele 19 months ago

NZ Lake Quill
see #7446, 7373...