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Italy : A large abandoned power plant in Italy. Large amounts of brown coal (lignite) were being mined in the area so the power station was built in 1958 on site to take full advantage of the abundant source. The local source was not infinite and started to run low which prompted the development of a gas power plant nearby. This plant stopped producing electricity in 2001. The remains of the brown coal (lignite) field has now been transformed into a beautiful lake. However there was an investi


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Nährbrei 14 days ago

06066 Piegaro Perugia, Italien
Ex Centrale Elettrica ENEL ,

Nährbrei 17 days ago

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fs90473 17 days ago

Description would fit the Centra Termoelettrica near Santa Barbara in Tuscany. But i wasn't able to identfy the building usinh sat images...