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From what I gather this is a 'dust control dome' of a cement plant... Not sure of the country. Might be Germany...


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dagger66 1 day ago

Thanks anonymous .... I pinned it now. When I tried to find this place, the photographer wouldn't provide any info as Urbex people do, except that it was near Barcelona, but I got that from the tags on the original image.

Anonymous 2 days ago

No marker?

Raf 8 days ago

Awesome @dagger66! Those are some skills you've got there!

dagger66 9 days ago

Cement Storage Dome at the recently closed Uniland Cement at the Industrial Port of Vallcarca, Spain near Barcelona.
It is located on
Ctra. Barcelona a Calafell
08872 Sitges
Google Satellite View.
external link
Google Street View.
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external link

lekk 14 days ago

Yes in Spain!

dagger66 17 days ago

I think this might be in Spain.
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