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Location #10923

mc_kugelfang 20 days ago

Bentonite Hills in Utah. Though they really did some harsh orange/teal colorgrading to have it look like this. 38.364367, -111.128254

Location #10847

mc_kugelfang 23 days ago

I saw the images anon... the place was badly trashed. Been there in May & seen it before those fockers destroyed everything.

Location #10854

mc_kugelfang 24 days ago

Well, since it isn't really "urbex"... Radar ex base Nato Monte Giogo/ACE High-Station Monte Del Giogo. This spot is awesome for milky way photography. 44.321820, 10.125465

Location #10759

mc_kugelfang 1 month ago

You had enough time to answer in such a detailed post in which you "figured everything out about my life" - why don't you channel that energy into something useful? Like for example... look for this mansion?

Location #10759

mc_kugelfang 1 month ago

Man, this site really becomes some sort of urbex hellhole. Also: Dude, if you cannot find something as simple as Pink Panther you should really start thinking about looking for another hobby...