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Location #11705

Moderator 26 days ago

@Krenek - The Admins have greater responsibility to ensure that wrong location is not marked. Wish you had posted the proof earlier and there was no need to be sarcastic.

Location #11688

Moderator 1 month ago

#4749 and #4227 have also been set as located.

Location #11604

Moderator 2 months ago

@Krenek the coordinates (46°30′N 9°50′E) given by you are not correct. Moreover you forgot again to locate the spot on the map. Request please always mark on the map whenever you identify a location. Thanks.
We have marked the location at 46.4913167,9.8436962 based the Point of View link given by you.

Location #11588

Moderator 2 months ago

@krenek - You had forgotten to mark the location so we have marked it at the coordination given by you.

Location #11502

Moderator 2 months ago

@dagger66 - All done as requested.