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Location #11967

Krenek 1 month ago

Faroe Islands indeed, at 62.270030° -6.929459°. 3D in GE is perfect! Near Funningur.

Location #11950

Krenek 1 month ago

already done = #11629

Location #11933

Krenek 2 months ago

Verrazano-narrows Bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island in NY, picture from West side

Street View = external link

Location #11833

Krenek 2 months ago

This is a picture by Andrew Russell / EyeEm at Getty, "Aerial View Of River By Dramatic Landscape". Those guys almost never gives any information about their images.

Location #11817

Krenek 2 months ago

thanks for your job and for that interesting + ludic website ...even if, most of the time, reverse image engines make it easy

BUT, i don't understand at all why some images suddenly disappear!?!? i read rule "5. Why did you delete my picture?" and, too often, i don't get those disappearances... sigh!...