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Location #8888

kledirob 23 days ago

We will drive in a few Minutes into that area ('Garmisch') with my old beetle to 'copy' some old pictures...I thought this pic here would be a perfect candidate as well but as this significant building no more longer exists there's 'something missing'...although change in general is considered as 'normal'...will publish the old/new beetle picture-pairs somewhere else then as this is not purpose of this site... ;-)

Location #7820

kledirob 8 months ago

Found it's Bavaria very close to Tyrolia...Grainau/Hammersbach near Garmisch with mountains Waxensteiner/Zwöferkopf ;-)

Location #7805

kledirob 8 months ago

Danke Daniele! Habe die Frage bei #5732 beantwortet! ;-)

Location #5732

kledirob 8 months ago

Zu Recht Daniele! Wie wäre es mit einer lustigen Fahrt im VW Käfer und 'einer Kleinigkeit zu Essen'?! ;-)

Location #7805

kledirob 8 months ago

Incredible...& magic...many many thanks!!! ;-)