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Vinnie Suela 1 month ago

2017 жылдың 15 қыркүйегінде Қостанай облысы Амангелді ауданының "Тасты" ауылында Кейкі батыр кесенесін ашты.
On September 15, 2017, in the village of "Тасты" of Amangeldinsky district of Kostanai region opened the Mausoleum of Кейкі батыр.

Vinnie Suela 1 month ago

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Кейкі батыр кесенесі

Dmitry 9 months ago

Here it is 50°28'54.8"N 66°01'52.5"E You can see it in Google maps before reconstruction.

high__k 16 months ago

I thought that this mausoleum was in the outskirts of Amangeldi (Амангельды) in Kazakhstan, but it was too new and I could not find a detailed position by aerial photographs.
I expect to see people or pictures that can determine the perfect position.

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For reference, I saved markers in the center of Amangeldi