1. What is this?

Did you ever find a picture on the internet and thought “Where is this?”?. We want to help you find this place.

2. How?

Just submit your photo and if you're lucky somebody else knows this place and pins it on Google Maps.
Tip: You can collect places in your profile to get an awesome, personal holiday planner.

3. I want to upload a picture of a place I already know. Is this OK?

Please don’t to this. Our main purpose was and is to create a platform where people can find and share the awesome, beautiful, interesting, magnificent places on the photos. It’s not a guessing game, this is not just for having fun with tricky riddles.

4. Can everyone see my place after I uploaded it?

Before anyone can see your picture it has to be be approved by our staff. One we approve a picture it is shown to the public. We do this to make sure that the overall quality of the site remains the same and prevent people from misusing our service. Therefore, we ask you to be a little bit patient before we approve your picture as many pictures are uploaded every day.

5. Why did you delete my picture?

We delete pictures if one of the following points applies:

  • The picture shows the face of a person or the faces of multiple persons. Even if you know the person concerned and have his or her approval, we are going to delete the picture. Note that it is not okay to just blur the face or paint over it as this would trigger the following point.

  • The picture quality is poor. Of course, this is somewhat subjective as we might have a different approach to image quality as you. But as a generell rule of thumb remember that the more pixel the better and that blurry pictures are always bad.

  • The picture has a watermark.

  • The picture is directly from Google Street View.

  • The picture is an obvious screenshot from a YouTube video or an Instagram story or from the photo library of a smartphone or from a computer desktop. Please crop the image if you really really want to upload a screenshot.

  • The picture is a repost. Please don’t just repost the same picture if your first post wasn’t successful.

  • No „boring places“. For example the interior of a self-service laundry, the waiting room of a hospital or a big normal house. Again, if the place is somewhat special we might not delete the picture but most of the time we will.

  • Images of statues are deleted when the statues are seen in a close-up. Please make sure that when a statue is visible, it is part of a larger image. This is due to the fact that a statue is not a place but a statue.

  • The picture is an advertisement for a company or a service.

  • The picture shows hateful symbols or sceneries.

  • The purpose of the picture is to create a riddle and not to find an amazing place: if you upload a snapshot from a tree in a random garden that could be everywhere on the planet, we will delete the picture.

  • A little note on old monochrome pictures: We don’t automatically delete them but we are going to look at point 2 and then decide if the image quality is good enough.

  • If it turns out that the uploaded image is a stock photo from a paid service, we are going to delete the picture. This is simply due to the image rights, which of course we do not want to violate.

6. What is your stance on Lost Places?

We do not approve trespassing. We are a website to find amazing places around the world and if you want to visit them we advice you to follow the law. Everything that may be identified as possible private property will be deleted on sight, in addition to the rules mentioned above.

7. Why did you delete my comment?

We delete comments if one of the following points applies:

  • Being an international community, driven by friendly cultural environment for everyone, comments in languages other than English will be deleted.

  • Your comment contains hate speech / inappropriate language.

  • Your comment contains advertisement.

  • Your comment is seen as spam.

  • Your username contains inappropriate language.

8. Is this for free?

This service is completely free and registration is optional. It enables you to use additional features though.

9. Can I delete my picture?

You can't delete a picture by yourself. If you want a picture to be deleted send us an email to delete@where-is-this.com (please use only this email to request a deletion) and tell us the location id. When you open up your image on our website you can find the ID at the end of the URL: www.where-is-this.com/index/view/XXXXX.html

A little note: If you ask us to delete your picture after it is located we will do it. Just remember that it is actually not the purpose of this website to delete pictures as soon as they are located.

10. Can you delete my picture?

Yes we can. And we will if your pictures violates our rules (see point 4.)

11. I lost my link!

No problem! Send us a request to info@where-is-this.com and we'll find the link for you!

12. When is a place considered as located?

We check every comment and do the research on suggested places. If the suggestion or pin is correct we'll mark the spot as located.
Remember: We are a small team providing this service for free! It takes some time to check all comments and pins and do the research, please be patient :)

13. How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in your user profile options.

14. How can I reach the top?

Just locate places!
Tourist is the starting status!
Guide > 6 located places!
Globetrotter > 19 located places