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The idea of this site is not to solve riddles like “I have found a 20 year old picture of a forest in Kazakhstan. Where exactly is it?”.

It's more about “Hey, I found a picture of this really cool place. Where is it? I want to go there!” Please consider this in the uploads. Any funny riddles are going to be deleted.

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This website is a little project from a small ad-agency called Wagnerwagner. It has been designed just for fun. So please, all you lawyers out there, do remain where you are and sue guys who deserve it. We just want to help some people from the interwebs.

The site provides an easy way to find places to go. Easy because you don’t have to log in. If people start uploading junk we will make the process more difficult (logins, clearance by admin, shutting down the website). So please be nice.

These terms of use are valid in the whole universe, earth and all its countries included. Users mustn’t mess up things. What we consider ‘messy’ is listed below.

The following types of files constitute "abuse" and may not be uploaded under any circumstances, when using this service:

  • Pornographic files. This includes, but is not limited to, files depicting genitalia, nudity, or sexual situations.
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We will delete any content aimed against the above mentioned rules.

Monitoring the uploads in real time is impossible for humans. Look at the ‘Gods’ of YouTube. Even they take their time. So, if we find any kind of content that has to be deleted, execution may take some time. If you find any content that you think should be deleted because you are the owner/proprietor, please send an e-mail to and we will proceed as fast as possible. As long as you can prove your copyright.

We will store the users IP adresses. So we want (and if we can) sent over some CN with *** and do *** with you. Because we like our project. And we will defend it.

Again: this is just a fun project. So please be nice. terms of use are subject to change without notice.

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