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Find this. P.S. I don't know where it is.


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Add together four and eight
Rainer 13 days ago

Hi Daniele,
the external link just opens Yandex-Map. If your PC / mobile device allows localization, then it shows your current location by default.
If you search for the coordinates, provided by Dmitry (wether Yandex-Map, Google-Map or any other map) you may find a white spot, that could be the building on the foto. But unfortunately the resolution is too low, to tell for sure.

Daniele 4 months ago

What joke is it? Your link leads to my city, in Italy. Our "mausoleums" are different.

Dmitry 4 months ago

My previous variant was wrong. Now it is correct. It's located at 49.102073, 52.185407 You can see it in Yandex maps. external link

Dmitry 7 months ago

It can't be seen in Google maps. But, it must be at my coordinates.

Dmitry 7 months ago

48.794709, 52.541817