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Got a bet with friend to find this place. I am preaty sure it is from Europ but not 100% sure. Started invastigation with Amsterdam, and "palm corner street" but didnt succeed, so here I am :D If someone have same photo but in day light it would be great. PS. Bet didnt forbid seeking help :)


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What do you get if you add seven to nine?

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What do you get if you add seven to nine?
Anonymous 1 day ago

It reminds me of the Azores. Ponta Delgada perhaps? Not sure the palm tree fits though. Perhaps southern Spain e.g., Malaga, Granda?

Anonymous 3 days ago


Michael. 23 days ago

Definitely not Amsterdam

Daniele 24 days ago

Mediterranean architecture; probably in Italy. If I have time, I'll start looking in Liguria.