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Location #10186

dagger66 4 minutes ago

Looks like Villa Carpeneto is for sale.
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Location #10186

dagger66 25 minutes ago

Balcony on the backside of Villa Carpeneto a La Loggia,
Via Carpeneto, 8
10040 La Loggia, Italy.
Located at the corner of Stada Provinciale 145 and Via Carpeneto.
GPS Coord. Lat/Lng:
44.952229710551215, 7.657535326141328
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Adam X Urbex Gallery shows the villa facade and the matching balcony.
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Location #10206

dagger66 16 hours ago

Triumphal Arch. Arcade du Cinquantenaire. Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels, Belgium.
Google Map Image.
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Location #10203

dagger66 22 hours ago

Intersection of Balboa Street and 23rd Avenue, San Francisco, California, USA.
Google Street View.
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Location #10200

dagger66 1 day ago

Villa Camilla located near 40 Via Roma
Alzano Lombardo, Lombardy. The villa is a little behind and beside the Carabinieri Comando Stazione at Via Roma 34. The greenhouse can be seen next to the villa.
Google Satellite View.
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Other links and images.
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Vimeo Video shows villa and the greenhouse is shown starting at the 40:20 mark.
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