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Rainer 1 month ago

In Valle de Bravo real estate agency élan shows another photo of this pool in its brochure. This photo was taken from a different perspective and at an earlier time. But the pool, the tree and the fern can be easily identified:
external link
(élan brochure shows up randomly)
external link

An address is not specified (presumably to protect the privacy of the owner). In Valle de Bravo, almost every house has its own pool. But this pool is obviously hidden under leaves, I couldn't find it on the satellite view. That's why I sent an e-mail to élan. In their response, they confirmed that they were handling this property several years ago.

I hope that this sufficiently proves that this pool is located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Rainer 1 month ago

This picture appears in 0226, 1777, 2917, 6938

The spreading of this photo in the internet is amazing. It is offered as a wall art and stands as an example of a place of yearning, as an illustration for garden design or pool architecture, as an eye-catcher for spa services. Most of these entries do not specify the location of this pool. However, some entries refer to Galindo Chi Spa at Jason Jiang Hot Spring in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, others refer to the Komanka Resort Ubud Bali. But on the corresponding websites, I couldn't find any evidence for this, although there are some pools that look somehow similar.

Finally I found out:
The architect Manolo Mestre created this small pool on the edge of a hill for a private residence in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The picture was taken by Tim Street-Porter.
external link
external link
(The pool will be displayed at the bottom of this list

Rusty 10 months ago

"Galindo Chi spa at Jason Jiang Hot Spring in Zhengzhou, Henan, China" brings up many of the same image, but unable to find anything else to verify.

Daniele 12 months ago

Don't know where, but know something about where not, compare #1777 and #226.