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Anonymous 100 months ago

I'm from Bavaria and it reminds me to a beergarden in Berlin, Tiergarten that I visited earlier. Besides, Franziskaner Weissbier is sold all over Germany.

Fisch 103 months ago

This could be everywhere in Germany, not only in bavaria are "Biergärten"

Anonymous 103 months ago

While I think this may be in germany (or some neigbour country) I do not think this is in bavaria. Yes, the brewery is from bavaria but their beer is sold all over germany. If you look at the people to the right in the back they got white wine glases on the tabel. Not uncommon for bavaria, but ... Also the picture on the menu the guy in front is looking at shows a beer glas which is uncommon for the bavarian glases. Yust my thoughts.

Anonymous 103 months ago

I think its in somewhere in bavaria, because this brand is well known there. but it's hard to tell where since there are to few clues...

Anonymous 103 months ago


Anonymous 103 months ago

Tiergartenpark, Berlin, Germany

Richard Troost 103 months ago

I have search on google and in munich(Munchen) in the south of Germany is the brewery. Mybe there is this pic taken.

exx 103 months ago

definitely Germany but it's impossible to tell where

Me 104 months ago

Somewhere in Germany, I think.

Anonymous 104 months ago

What's so special about this?