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kb19 1 day ago

Nick, indeed don' need to search as I receive al those things just like that ;-) . and you started crying that some people are using pictures yes indeed already saw one of mine passing by and i don't care that is the difference , and about my remark of the aliases tought you ment that this was also your picture so that was it about for me. but going to lay down again as i am so lazy

Anonymous 1 day ago

Gendarmerie et Mairie prévenues.
A bon entendeur.

Nick 1 day ago

Oh and KB19, if you don't like our aliases, just search urbex + nick on Google and you'll find me. And the identity of A is also easy to guess as the picture is his. So search! Oops, forgot you're too lazy to do that

Nick 1 day ago

KB19 and Raf, you guys make me laugh! And you won't find my pictures on here, that's for sure. Now I have better things to do than discuss with you disgusting lot. Bye!

A 5 days ago

Guys, dont get mad about my elephant photo.. xd

Raf 5 days ago

KB19 makes a valid point. You claim you want to "protect" locations from other people (which is complete bullshit by the way), but yet you seize every opportunity to boast with your photo all over facebook and instagram and then you come here and make a fuss because someone has seen your photo and used it here to find the location. F*ck off already, you hypocritical SOB.

kb19 5 days ago

nick, A and all your other alias that you use i wish you good luck with your law and it will get very easy to get those that used it whitout your approval, hmm not . i know that this happens more and more and i don't even start to give a shit if they use one my pictures as it take ages to even get them removed. If i don't want them to use it i dont post it and once they use it well i am proud as it was mine they chose. So call police, FBI even CSI they will sure help you very quickly but wait the guy who posted it as already what he needed

Nick 5 days ago

KB19, what is this bullshit you talking about? You say we shouldn't post our pictures because of some site that illegaly uses our pictures? You say that I should be proud if someone steals my picture? There are f*cking laws against this shit

KB19 5 days ago

@ A this will happen more and more i think with our photo's if we don't like it we shouldn't post ourself the pictures or be proud that someone find it ok. every photo here is from anyone else :-)

A 6 days ago

This is my photo !

jojo le trembleur 6 days ago

@anonymous is right, I know this place, I went there 2 weeks ago.

CuriousJM 6 days ago

@anonymous, you could be correct but it would have been better if you had given source of coordinates given by you.

These elephants were part of a tribe of twelve elephants that were ordered on the occasion of "Bombaysers de Lille" for "Lille 3000" in 2006.

Ten elephants were sent back to India and two elephants were retained and displayed in Fives and then kept in the halls of Fives Cail which is close to the coordinates given by anonymous
Source of info:
external link

Another image of the elephant when it left a warehouse in Fives.
external link

The elephants were creation of Nitin Desai, a noted Indian art director and production designer of Indian film industry. More such elephants can be seen at his ND Studios in Karjat, Maharashtra a north suburb of Mumbai.
external link

Anonymous 6 days ago

50°37'33.37"N 3° 5'34.26"E