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Gf sent this to me and I have no clue where it is, has anyone seen this before?


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fs90473 3 months ago

Great job both @dagger and @Dmitri Reviakin! :-)

Anonymous 3 months ago

So you can locate this in Phantasy ;-)

dagger66 3 months ago

After searching a long time without success, I found the original photographer, Dmitri Reviakin and asked for the exact location. Dmitri told me this place does not exist. He has a web gallery / company for 3D experimentation and this is one of his works. He apologized for my wasted efforts and said people are copying his work and posting it other places thinking this is a real place but it is not.
Here is Dmitri's web gallery and 3D render work.
external link

dagger66 3 months ago

I believe the island on the board is Lombok, so probably a cheap bungalow somewhere on that island.