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dagger66 8 days ago

The antique fire trucks have now been moved to the Auchy-les-Hesdin location ate my external link below (I beleive). It is behind the Cotton Mill if you want to see them.
external link
As I mentioned below, the trucks seemed to have been moved from the overflow garage location that is the mystery photo.

dagger66 13 days ago

Storage Garage located at the corner of Rue d"Hesdin and Rue du Pont Sixte, Auchy-lès-Hesdin, Hauts-de-France, France.
This is the overflow fire truck storage location. The primary storage can be seen via satellite view behind the old Cotton Miss (Filature d'Auchy les Hesdin)
Google Street View.
external link
GPS 50.394812, 2.097934
Satellite View.
external link