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Location #11438

MaryCW 23 days ago

Thanks Finsteraarhorn!

Location #10642

MaryCW 3 months ago

Yes, Hamilton Island is the one with the airstrip. Pic taken by Nithin Suren.

Location #10213

MaryCW 4 months ago

Thank you for the post below, but it can't be the church at Recurt as the entrance in the other pics of this chapel show the door directly opposite the altar and there is no window in the middle behind the altar in this picture. There are other pictures at external link
Do you know where there are other nearby chapels with Lourdes grottos inside? Thanks, Mary

Location #10476

MaryCW 4 months ago

This is Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury BA6 8BG, UK
51.144733, -2.698702

Location #10018

MaryCW 7 months ago

Great thanks Daniele and fs90473!